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    How Do I Delete / Undelete Users?


    Club OS' User Search will give Club Admins the ability to delete/undelete users at any time.

    The Delete/Undelete User action aids staff by permitting both the deletion and restoration of Member and Prospect accounts. This article illustrates how to perform both tasks.

    A. How to Delete Users

    Step #1:

    Apply the User Search filters to select only the profile(s) intended for deletion.

    Note: Only Unrestricted and Restricted Club Admins will be able to delete/ undelete users.

    Step #2:

    To delete a Member/Prospect, click on the 'x' next to their profile(as shown in the picture below).


    A. How to Undelete Users

    Step #1:

    To undelete a Member/Prospect, search for the profile using 'User Search'. Utilize the 'Include Deleted' filter (located in the bottom-left corner of the User Search page) to view deleted profiles.


    Step #2:

    Click on the 'x' next to the profile to restore it (as shown below).



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