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    Overview (Motionsoft)

    What is Motionsoft?
    Motionsoft is a club management and billing system. Club OS locations use Motionsoft as their membership management provider, primarily the billing and check-in services. Like many other membership management systems, their lead management, scheduler, and marketing features are poor.
    Goal of the integration
    Customers using Motionsoft as their billing provider can use Club OS for Lead Management and PT Sales, and Fitness Tracking. They intend to continue using Motionsoft for selling memberships, managing club access, and running reports related to that data.
    Data Syncing
    • Club OS pull from Motionsoft
      • Members
      • Agreements
      • Employees
    To learn more about adding employees, click here.
    • Club OS push to Motionsoft
      • Prospects
    Motionsoft Integration Details
    • Club OS pulls from Motionsoft at each sync time
    • Club OS pulls from Motionsoft at each sync time
    MoSo allows customization of values for certain fields, e.g. membership types, member status, and agreement status. Club OS needs to know to update it's logic that uses those values to determine if a user is a member/prospect and whether their membership is active.
    • Club OS pulls from Motionsoft at each sync time. Only employees that have made a sale will be synced from MoSo. We do not do a general employee sync of all employees.
    • Club OS pushes to Motionsoft when a prospect is added or updated
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