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    What is MBO?
    MBO is a member management, scheduling and billing system primarily built for small gyms, yoga studios, bootcamps, spas, and salons. Orangetheory Fitness has the majority of locations using Club OS integrated with MBO. Club OS locations use MBO as their member sales and booking system. Like many other membership management systems, their lead management and marketing features are poor at best.
    Goal of the integration
    Customers using MBO as their billing and scheduling provider can use Club OS for lead management, member marketing, and email and text communication. They intend to continue using MBO for selling memberships, booking classes, and running reports related to that data.
    Data Syncing

    • Club OS pull from MBO

      • Members (including profile photo)
      • Agreements
      • Packs
      • Employees
      • Prospects
      • Calendar Events (Visits)

    • Club OS push to MBO

      • Prospects
      • Notes
      • Follow-Ups (Contact Logs)
    MBO Integration Details
    Members (including profile photo)
    • Club OS pulls from MBO at each sync time
    Members are called 'Clients' in MBO. Members come with a single notes field that is added to Club OS lead notes.
    Club OS does not convert clients with a "Non-Member" status unless they have an agreement with a future start date. However, note that when we do convert a Non-Member with a future agreement, we will not be able to reflect in Club OS if the agreement is canceled before it begins. The member will be Active in Club OS until a manual change is made in our system to make their membership inactive.
    • Club OS pulls from MBO at each sync time
    Agreements represent the membership for the client.
    • Club OS pulls from MBO at each sync time
    Packs represent a one-time purchase of sessions. For example, a "starter pack" would be 10 sessions for $99. Packs are treated the same as Agreements in Club OS, and represent a membership purchase.
    MBO does string matching for packs only to determine which packs to include. Club OS only has access to products that have " pack" in the name for Orangetheory Fitness.
    Member Services:
    • At the location-level integration page, IF the Sales Details endpoint has been checked, you can then press a button to retrieve the Service Categories for that location and select the one(s) you want to count as converting a prospect to a member. * Please note that these items are beneficial for conversion on membership-type services, but are not currently taking into account the data points that would make this functionality ideal for PT-type services.
    • Club OS pulls from MBO at each sync time
    To learn more about adding employees, click here.
    • Club OS pulls from MBO at each sync time. Note that we will only add accounts from MBO that have the "Prospect" checkbox checked.
    • Club OS pushes to MBO when a prospect is added or updated
    Club OS DOES NOT pull in prospect notes.
    Calendar Events
    • Club OS pulls from MBO at each sync time
    MBO calls them Visits, and they are only pulled for prospects. Data will only include visits within 30 days of the sync date, i.e. 30 days in the past, or 30 days in the future. Club OS will create a sales appointment on the calendar for each visit, and update the status when the visit status changes in MBO.
    • Club OS pushes to MBO when a lead note is saved
    The note will be added to the MBO profile as a contact log.
    • Club OS pushes to MBO when a follow-up is completed (call, email or text)
    Follow-Ups are called 'Contact Logs' in MBO, and each follow-up creates a contact log.
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