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    PT Orientations Completed Report [Breakdown]

    The PT Orientations Completed Report details whether Members' Orientations resulted in PT being purchased or not. This allows Club Admins to examine how successfully a specific club's staff can, both, schedule Members' Orientations, then sell those Members a personal training agreement.
    This report is filterable by Date Range and Location. For steps on how to access, filter, and schedule the report, [click here].
    An example of this report can be seen below:
    Columns include:
    • Member Name: The Member who attended the Orientation.
    • Member Email: The email address of the Member who attended the Orientation.
    • ORT Completed Date/Time: The date and time in which the Member's Orientation occurred.
    • ORT Made at POS: Displays whether or not the Member's Orientation was scheduled upon their purchase of a membership agreement.
      • Note: This field will display as either 'Y' or 'N'.
    • PT Sold at ORT: Displays whether or not the Member bought a PT agreement while attending their Orientation.
      • Note: This field will display as either 'Y' or 'N'. 
    • Membership Sold Date: The date in which the Member bought their membership agreement.
    • Employee Name: The staff member who sold the Member their membership agreement.
    • Location Name: The club location within which the Member purchased their membership agreement.
    • Membership ID: The identification number attached to the Member's membership agreement.
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