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    Staff Seems Unable to Edit Past Events



    CA = Unrestricted Club Admin. CA(R) = Restricted Club Admin. LM = Location Manager

    Issue Background: Club OS offers select staff the ability to edit club events after-the-fact. If issues arise, utilize this TSG to resolve them.

    Pre-Troubleshooting Steps:

    Due to the way our defaults are designed, there is a pecking order dictating who does/n't hold the power to edit past events. Whereas, say, UCA's are all-powerful on the topic, Trainers are deliberately curbed. This is to prevent the falsifying of facts upon a performance review.

    If the struggling staff in question IS, in fact, a Trainer, here are tips to ease the day:

    1. Any event can be edited after-the-fact so long as it's same business day.

    2. Any event can be noted-upon after-the-fact. *Was the event canceled? Was a member straining themselves too hard?* Document it here.

    3. If nothing else, ask your Club Admin to edit the event for you.

    While not automatically gifted total event editing powers, both CA(R)'s and LM's (unlike Trainers) CAN apply to be upgraded to such abilities. Here's how.


    Solution: Granting Permissions to CA(R)'s and LM's

    Step #1:

    If either a client's RCA or LM asks to upgrade, log into System Admin and search for your client. Beneath the brand name, you'll see a 'General' link. Click it.


    System Admin \ General


    Step #2:

    Once inside, look to the right of the screen. In the second column, halfway down the page, will be the 'Schedule Settings' section. Below that heading are two boxes, each beginning 'Allow past event changes by...'.


    Check whichever option corresponds with your client request (RCA, LM or both). And be sure to Save!

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