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    Why Won't My Club's DGW Allow VIP Guests to Sign In?


    Issue Background: 
    When a VIP Guest signs into a club's Digital Guest Waiver, Club OS syncs that VIP with the club's Follow-Up schedule. This advances the club's ability to make Members out of visiting Prospects. In the event that a DGW is rejecting VIP sign-ins, this TSG will repair the issue.

    Good to Have Open:
    1) System Admin App
    2) Club OS
    3) Club's DGW

    Pre-Troubleshooting Steps: 
    Enter the System Admin and search your club. Click 'General'


    Halfway down and on the left (beneath 'New Prospect/Guest Settings') is a bank of boxes. Be sure that the 'Enable VIP...' box is checked as this will switch a DGW's 'guest sign-in' on/off. It's entirely possible that checking this box, alone, is enough to fix your problem.


    To check if the box is checked without even leaving Club OS, pull up the club's Club Admin page, click 'Club Setup,' then 'Follow-Up Settings'.

    If its 'Enable VIP' box is checked, a 'VIP Guest' slot appears in the rows of Follow-Up options.


    (Note: Clubs call 'VIP Guest' different things. Gold's Gym, for example, will say 'Gold Member Guest' whereas Chuze uses 'Premium Guest'. To find what your club calls 'VIP', first bounce back to System Admin \> General. Located on the left, at the bottom of the column, are your club's chosen labels.)


    Obviously, if no such VIP Guest slot exists, then 'Enable VIP' is not checked.


    Solution #1: Testing the DGW**

    Step #1:

    Again, It's entirely possible that checking 'Enable VIP' is all that's needed. But, if not, first ask the club, 'Who is going unrecognized?'.

    > Contact Club


    Step #2:

    Once you've snagged a name, hit up Club OS and plug their name into 'User Search'.


    > Club OS > User Search


    Step #3:

    Open their profile. Club OS will default you to Prospecting > General.


    Pointed at, above, is the Member who referred our VIP (in this case, Jay Fit). Go ahead and click the Referrer's link.

    > User Profile > Prospecting > General > Referrer Link**


    Step #4:

    Again, you'll be defaulted to Prospecting \> General. From this new angle, you'll notice the roster of every VIP Guest this Member's referred.


    If 'Enable VIP' is activated, then beneath each name ought to be a box. Be sure each box is checked. If any aren't, check it and hit 'Save'.


    > Prospecting > General > (Save)


    Step #5:

    Go back a page to the VIP's profile. Up towards the top, click either 'Contact' link.


    Copy either the VIP's email or phone number. This is info you'll need for Step 10\.


    > VIP's Profile > Prospecting > General > Contact Link


    Step #6:

    Return to 'User Search', then pull up an Admin account for the club location in question.


    > Club OS > User Search > Club Admin


    Step #7:

    Once in, click the User Settings widget.


    > User Settings


    Step #8:

    Approximately halfway down the page, you should spot the 'Guest Waiver Link'. Click it.

    > Guest Waiver Link


    Step #9:

    Find the site's 'Returning VIP Guest' link. (Remember: 'VIP' could read 'Gold Member Guest', 'Premium Guest', etc.) Enter it.


    > 'Returning VIP Guest' Link


    Step #10:

    Paste the VIP's email/number (copied from Step 5) into the empty slot provided. Afterwards, hit 'Submit'.


    > Submit


    Step #11:

    Up will pop your VIP's profile. Select it and hit 'Submit'.


    > Submit


    Step #12:

    If the DGW welcomes you, the issue's fixed. If you're rejected, you've got a bug.


    Before alerting JIRA, create a Prospect in Club OS' Demo Sandbox location and replicate the test exactly to be sure it's an isolated case and not all VIP Guests who are affected. Upon completion, generate a ticket and tell JIRA of your findings.

    > Sandbox > JIRA

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