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    MindBody Online: The Sales Detail Endpoint

    The Sales Detail Endpoint is a feature in which Club OS can permit non-membership sales to qualify as a conversion event, elevating a Prospect to a Member status, per the club's request. For logistical purposes, each of these sales are consolidated into a generic, catch-all 'Non-Contract Service Sales' agreement with a start and end date replicating the earliest sale's start date and the latest sale's expiration date, respectively. (Note: As a result, various Orangetheory Fitness members may witness the start dates of related sales that were purchased prior to Club OS' integration backdate themselves, thus creating an additional, earlier, closed event meant to remain on the member's Club OS calendar.) This feature is only extended to MBO-integrated clubs.

    How to Enable the Sales Detail Endpoint

    Enabling a club's sales detail endpoint is a step that occurs during that club's onboarding within the System Admin. Note: Do not click this option if the club's prospects can only be converted to a member status upon purchasing a traditional membership.

    Step #1:

    Once 'MindBody Online' has been selected as the club's 'Member System', two additional options will appear within the club's Integration tab: 'Enable Pack Endpoint' and 'Enable Sales Details Endpoint'.

    First Arrow.png

    Click 'Enable Sales Details Endpoint'.

    Integration Tab > 'Enable Sales Details Endpoint'

    Step #2:

    Navigate to the Integration tab located within each club's location link.

    Second Arrow.png

    Club Location > Integration Tab

    Step #3:

    Click 'Retrieve Service Categories'.


    As a result, Club OS (via API) will extract each unique service type that is currently occupying that location's Sales Category column as featured within their MindBody Online account. These types will then populate Club OS' Integration tab for that club's location. (Note: An email will also arrive once the service categories have been retrieved.)


    > 'Retrieve Service Categories'

    Step #4:

    Click each service category that the club has requested to qualify as a conversion event.


    > 'Enabled'

    Step #5:

    Upon completion, click 'Save'.


    > 'Save'

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